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Hulu Roku channel is one of the popular streaming channels that offers its users with many live and on-demand contents. They also telecast original series and films and consist of an extensive collection of Television channels and movies for their U.S subscribers.

 Hulu Live TV

  1. Being a pioneer Hulu now offers Hulu live TV Roku channel for all the Roku users.
  2. The beta version of this channel is now available for all users who are connected to the internet.
  3. Hulu provides paid service and its streams includes
  4. Live and on-demand channels.
  5. Original series
  6. On-demand films and many more movies
  7. Premium TV shows
  8. Most Hulu streams include content from the most popular networks like ABC, FOX, NBC, and CBS along with additional local live broadcast too.

The Roku streaming devices that are compatible to stream the Hulu Roku channel are  

  1. Roku Streaming Stick
  2. The Roku Express and Express Plus
  3. Roku Premiere and Premiere Plus
  4. The Roku Ultra
  5. Devices Roku 3 and Roku 4
  6. All Roku TV models

Simple steps to add the Hulu Roku channel to your Roku com link account.

  1. Select Home button to navigate to the Roku Home Screen
  2. Similarly visit the Roku Channel Store.
  3. Furthermore, the user can scroll down and locate the Hulu Channel.
  4. Now press the Add channel option availed.
  5. Consequently, after adding the channel, the user needs to activate their Hulu account.
  6. The user can login into to the Hulu using the on-screen keyboard.
  7. The user can now enter their email address and secret key.
  8. Select the Login option and now activate Hulu instantly on Roku using the Hulu App.
  9. The user can acquire a Hulu Activation Code and click Activate once entering the code of activation.

 The most rated TV shows that are availed on Hulu Roku channel are listed below

  1. The Handmaid’s Tale
  2. The Awesomes
  3. Mother Up!
  4. Chance
  5. Shut Eye
  6. East Los high
  7. The Path
  8. The Confession
  9. The Doozers
  10. Difficult People

 Hulu Roku channel subscription info 

  1. With the subscription of Enhanced Cloud DVR $14.99 per month the users can stream and also record up to 200 hours of streams.
  2. Additionally, the user will be enabled with much more cloud DVR facilities.
  3. For Unlimited Screens, $14.99/month subscription users can add-on simultaneously any number of streams and can enjoy Hulu at any time.
  4. With the subscription of $19.99/month, the user can procure both Enhanced Cloud DVR and Unlimited Screens features.
  5. Furthermore, the SHOWTIME fans can add the channels with the subscription of $8.99/month.
  6. Similarly, the users can also gain access to unlimited award-winning series of SHOWTIME and other box office hits and documentaries.

For any further assistance or clarification on Hulu Roku channel or on activation of the channel to the Roku streaming device, contact us @ +1-844-965-4357.


Reviewing Roku 2 streaming device

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The Roku2 streaming device is launched in 2015 incorporated with multi-faceted features. These are streaming device which are well equipped in such a way its only requirement for streaming is just a reliable and secured internet connection. The user can immediately start utilising the Roku2 streaming device by just plugging in the power cord and the HDMI cord and then the user can stick with the on-screen instructions which will help the user to complete the Roku2 Setup successfully. The user needs to perform the Roku com link for streaming any content through the Roku streaming device. The rear side of the Roku2 streaming device is the power slot which is used to plug in the power adapters and the device also comprises of the Ethernet port for establishing the wired network connection, HDMI port, an Audio/Video Output port and a Reset button. The device is also fabricated with an USB port on the side along with a micro SD slot. But before streaming the user need to create or log in to their Roku account activated using the Roku com link to enjoy the perfect streaming experiences. These devices employ a very little power supply and so they do not require a put on and off button.

Functionalities of the Roku2 devices

These Roku2 streaming devices come along with the highly equipped and a most user friendly remote controller, the first set of batteries are availed by the Roku itself. In case the user need any technical assistance on any procedures like Roku com link or activation of Roku2 streaming device the user can feel free to call our technical team members to procure it. The remote controller also has 4 per-programmed channel buttons at the bottom, which allows the user to directly jump into the channel for streaming. The remote manage to go instantly to the last movie or the stream that the user was screening. So it also efficiently does the basic function of navigating to the favourite channels of the users to display on the screen. Before getting into streaming, the viewer should enter the Roku activation code during the Roku com link procedures that may help them to activate the streaming device to stream the required media content of their preference.

Hope the user got a clear picture in Setting up the Roku2 streaming device for efficient streaming. In case the user requires any further assistance the users can contact our technical expert team by calling them at 1-844-965-4357

Snowfall Series on Roku

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Roku now streams the felony episodes of Snowfall season1 which is a popular American television drama series produced by John Singleton and Dave Andron. This crime series was first telecasted on September 30, 2016, with ten episodes. And the series comprises of characters namely Franklin Saint, Mexican luchador, Lucia Villanueva and the Mexican crime boss daughter. The user can start activating the preferred channel and add it to the Roku streaming device which is activated using the Roku com link and screening the favourite Snowfall season1 episodes.


Review on Snowfall series.

The show revolves around the initial faulty outbreak and their effect on the ethnicity of the city.

The snowfall episode season1 depicts many true incidents that that took place in the streets of South-central L.A and the story is crafted well.

Snowfall series is created with decent narrations and have wonderful characters that come up with surprising twists.

And the user can start streaming the episodes by utilising the Activation Link and the Roku com link to activate the channel.

The episodes of the Snowfall series have an enchanted orange glow and the sunlit feel on the screen is a due to the astonishing camera technique followed using the various lens effects.

The series is captured in Los Angeles where the user can view scenes which depicts poor Mexican immigrant’s life who sleeps in their cars after finishing their jobs.

They also have scenes where the viewer can see police making show-off by stopping black and Latino neighbourhood civilians and these scenes are increase the thrill of the show and keep the viewers glued to their seats.

The user can start adding the channel to stream the episodes depicting the life of Franklin Saint once the Roku account is activated using the Roku enter code.

The weed runner Franklin Saint is casted by Damson Idris who gets into the screen where he tries hard to get an opportunity to swivel a large quantity of cocaine.

Initially the TV series moves around the tranquil and peaceful life in South-central.

Another character where a boy goes to saint’s house to pick up a 200 worth of cocaine powder which he does for his rich friend’s girlfriend.

The user get the Roku streaming device ready and perform the Roku device activation using Roku enter code and activate the channel to start screening the most viewed popular show the “Snowfall” which is an American crime series drama availed in Roku for free. If the users have any difficulties in executing the procedures of activation of the channel, they can call us to acquire assistance by dialling our Roku customer service number at 1-844-965-4357

Delete Roku channels in Simple Way

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The user might have added all possible channels that are availed on the Roku channel store thinking that they may have non-stop entertainment with their family. But there may be times when user needs to remove channels that they no longer need to view. This may be due to the content which is not suitable for their screening. So for that case user will be in need to know how to delete the Roku channels which they no longer preferred to stream. The user can remove these channels from their Roku account activated using the Roku com link using the suggested methods in this article.


Before getting into the channel deletion the user need to make sure that they have made no paid subscription for the channel they prefer to delete. The users can also check if there is any validity period left for such paid channel.

Channel Removal through Television menus

  • The user can press the home button on the Roku remote controller to navigate to the main page.
  • The user needs a Roku account activated by the Roku com link for adding and managing channels through the Roku device. Now the user can manage the channels by browsing through it and can select the channel which they need to delete.
  • Then press the start button on the remote for selecting the options menu.
  • From the options menu the user can now select the Remove Channel option and confirm it by pressing the ok button.

Delete the Channel from the Roku channel store

  • The user can navigate to the main page by pressing the home button and then they can open the channel store by selecting the streaming channel option.
  • The user can now view the list of channels that are added to their Roku account activated by the Roku com link and then the user can select the channel that needs to be deleted and then press ok button on the TV remote.
  • Then from the option availed the user can select the Remove Channel option and press ok button to confirm to the channel deletion.
  • In the same way the user can delete any channels or any number of channels which they no longer need for streaming.

For any further assistance on adding or deleting the Roku channels in the Roku account or on procedures of Roku com link the user can call us now on our toll-free number 1-844-965-4357 instant technical assistance.

Cost free Malayalam Channels on Roku

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Are you really interested in getting to know what is happening in your home land and get updates on the current political situation? Then you can search for the best free of charge Malayalam channels availed on the Roku channel store. Roku com link is a mandatory requisite for creating the Roku account and for adding channels to it. On adding the channels the users will be able to stream best entertainment programs on live such as Musical events or talent shows and also can watch latest movies and TV shows. All their shows and event best represents their cultural and traditional values and the user can stay tuned to these channels as they used to watch them in their home. These have streams of best music shows and competitions which are usually the trademark of the Malayalam channels. There are best voice talents programmes telecasted and even great talents are identified through these shows. The user can now utilise the Roku com link for user’s Roku account is activation and can start adding channels to it.

The user can search for the Malayalam channels that are available in the Roku channel store for free of charge with the help of the Search function availed on the Roku. The user can find the channel easily and they are perfect of the users how are much interested with their cultural classics. The Roku offers about 350,000 and more movies channels and lot more TV episodes and has a wide spectrum of choices of with top 100 channels for free and lot more paid channels.

The user needs to complete the Roku setup procedures before adding channel to it. And the user can find the required Roku com link which appears on the top of the TV screen. Once the setup is complete the user can start utilising the Roku remote or the Roku mobile application which is installed on the user’s IOS or Android devices. The user’s can use the voice search and they can simply recite the title or actor or director name to search for the related content.  The user can search the free Malayalam channels availed in Roku with the help of the Roku Search option in very simple means and can enjoy the movies and shows that are streamed in it.

Roku is now one among the best streaming devices and much admired for its versatile traits and affordable price range. The other most notable fact is that they offer an extensive support services for their users. Here the user can procure any technical assistance on any Roku products or any other Roku related assistance like device activation or adding channels or even acquiring Roku com link etc.  The users can contact our technical executives through our toll-free 1-844-965-4357.


Common Issues with Roku Com Link

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Are you tired of setting your streaming device then here we come to help you in getting resolved the Most Common errors that occur while utilising the Roku Com Link during Roku Activation. The user needs to link their Roku streaming device to a Roku account. A Roku account is a unique account that is created by using the Roku com link and that is created for the users to stream their favourite channels. Every channel that the user wishes to view needs to be added to the Roku account.  In this article we deal with the error that arise during sign in and activating the Roku streaming device with a Roku account or while streaming channels and very basic troubleshooting techniques for resolving those Roku Com Link error that occurs during these procedures.

During the process of device activation using the Roku com link, Roku Com Link errors may occur. The procedure for resolving errors might seem daunting but users can acquire assistance from our technical executives is available to resolve any errors encountered. The issue that may occur includes inability to sign in into the user’s Roku account. This is a very common error that every user may encounter it at least once while the try to enter their account. The cause of this error is mainly due to the erroneous log in credentials like username and password. In this case the user can retry by entering the right credentials. Since the credentials are all case sensitive the user may ensure the once are twice as they enter the credential for log in.

The other error which occurs frequently is the incorrect Roku com link. The user during the Roku setup procedures while on attaching the device with the TV will spontaneously get the Roku link code which is displayed on the TV screen. Sometimes the code does not appear or the code entered is not recognised by the website. In such cases users can contact the technical support team members who are available online can help you in cover coming these technical issues.

Roku being the one among the best streaming device industries like Apple TV, Amazon Fire is versatile and affordable. The other most important fact is that they provide their users with an extensive support services. Here the user can procure any technical assistance on any Roku products and other Roku related stuffs like activation, adding channels or acquiring Roku com link etc.  The uses can contact our technical expert team member through our toll-free 1-844-965-4357.

“America in Color” series now streaming on Roku devices

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Are you much interested in world history then here comes The American history which is date backed from 1920s to 1960s and it is quite more interesting. For those who love history it would be a grand feast offered by the VUDU channel. The user can contact us at Roku Com Link for acquiring easy means to stream “America in Color” series in the Roku streaming devices and makes the screening more memorable.

The America in Color first season captures the amazing 1920s of America and hail the history into brightness with some vibrant color tones. The feature films in early 80s to 90s where always a great hit and enhancing by adding color to the thought might not be an issue. The colorized footage that documents the consequences of a terrorist attack which was intended to take place near the J. P. Morgan Bank in the New York City’s was the first episode streamed America in Color series.  The beginning of the series has rightly captured the decade history and drives clearly on the lines of normalcy presidency. If the user needs to enjoy streaming of these series then they first need to add the VUDU channel on their Roku device through the Roku com link which could the users best choice for streaming.

America in Color is a highly striving project of the current times and premiering it in July is definitely a worthy documentary to be screened by the people of the nation. This would provide the users a best opportunity to get familiar with their history of their American soil.

If the user is looking for any instant and personalized assistance they can stay tuned to the most trusted support service center at Roku Com link which provide the user with more enjoyable streaming and brings the user’s updates on how the can maximize the performance and utilities of their Roku streaming device and acquire a pleasant screening experience of the colorful America’s history through the “America in Color” series now availed in VUDU. Though this series the “America in Color” doesn’t depicts the entire history rather it provides the users to enjoys the screening of few best captures of the last few decades mainly of 1920s and 30s.

For more queries and clarification on utilizing Roku Com link or on adding the VUDU channel in Roku device for streaming the user can either call us through our toll free number @ 1-844-965-4357 

Streaming Prime Suspect series in Roku

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The fascinating news is that the most popular show on TV is back to its form for a big hit and it is now availed for the Roku users. Hope you have already guessed it right. Yeah the most viewed popular detective series “Prime Suspect” is now back with new episodes and could be streamed through the Roku streaming device. If the user is looking for any instant and personalized assistance they can stay tuned to the most trusted support service centre at Roku com link where the user can get help on streaming and on updates on how the users can maximize the performance and utilities of their Roku streaming device. They can also acquire assistance on pleasant screening experience of the popular detective series Prime suspect. The first premier of the series was telecasted on June 25 of 2017 as a MASTERPIECE Mystery on the PBS channel. Is still your Roku device yet to be activated and then feel free to contact our expert personals to get it done for you. You can call them through the toll-free number or just get hooked with a live chat through Roku com link for procuring instant and personalised technical assistance. The iconic Helen Mirren is replaced with the new cast Stefanie Martini who plays the role of Jane Tennison.

The Prime suspect series in Roku is actually based on the novel “Tennison” written by Lynda La Plante. The novel depicts the life of the young British woman police officer. They have clearly depicted the hurdles the young officer pushed way to become a Detective Chief Inspector in such a male hidebound police department. The series takes the viewers back to 1973 when Tennison as a young woman joins the Metropolitan Police Service as a Woman Police Constable in Great Britain. All the six episodes are now availed to you the Roku users in PBS channel. Get the channel added to your Roku account through the Roku com link and start streaming the hitches faced by the young women detective.

Start setting up the Roku streaming device and execute the Roku device activation and activate the channel to get ready to screen the most viewed hit show the “Prime suspect” a detective series in the PBS channel. If the users have any difficulties in executing these procedures they can contact our technical executives to acquire assistance by calling them through our Roku customer service number at 1-844-965-4357 or visiting our website at And for further more information or updates on Roku streaming device user can also visit roku com link and can procure any assistance from our support team members.

Adding Travel Channel to the Roku device

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%travel channel Roku activation


Are you an Explorer? Roku has exclusive collection of travel apps which would help the enthusiastic wanderers. In this article we have handpicked the best travel apps for letting you get to know the unique places and then start exploring by travel around the world as you wish. Users never need to miss people and cultures around the world by keeping track of these wonderful travel channel app. You can stay tuned to this channel for extensive guidance on travel and exploring. The user can utilise the Roku com link account to add and activate the required travel channel to the Roku account.

The user can access the live screening options and ultimately can view the full episodes of their most favourite travel shows which may includes popular shows like Expedition Unknown, the Bizarre Foods and the Booze Traveller. The Travel Channel is a part of the “TV Everywhere” channel. And it is now availed in the Roku streaming device. The channel can be activated to the Roku device using the account.

The channel has great benefit which is rendered to the users after the completion of the channel activation. The user can make sure whether the Travel Channel on Roku device comes as the part of a satellite subscription from the satellite TV services or a participating TV. In addition to the live streaming on exploring the users can also access many old classic episodes of many popular and best Travel Channel shows.

The one more astonishing travel channel is the TLC. Without convincing the any comforts the user can travel to some of the best and most admired places round the world through this channel. The great grand cookery shows by top culinary celebrities from round the world are featured in this TLC channel. Some of the best shows that can enjoy through the year are Say yes to the Dress, 90 Day Fiance, DC Cupcakes, Nigella’s Kitchen, Donna Hay’s Kitchen, Cake Boss and Andrew Zimmern’s bizzare foods. The user can get tuned with these channels for much more updates.

For any further queries and clarification on the travel Roku channel activation or account setup procedures the user can contact the information service centre where the technical experts can offer excellent personalized guidance and troubleshooting suggestion for on your Roku streaming devices. The tech experts can be contacted through the toll free number at + 1-844-965-4357 or can visit us through Roku com link.

Error while Installing Software in Roku Streaming Device

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When the user installs their Roku streaming player they should look out for the most recent version of the software that could be automatically updated during the setup process. The user needs a valid Roku account which could be created using the roku com link to getting start with these devices.  The streaming player devices are equipped in such a way they perform a periodic check for the updates every 24 to 36 hrs and accomplish the task of updating arbitrarily whenever the streaming device get switched on companied with the active internet connection. The user can manage to streams while the Roku device attempts to update itself thereby providing uninterrupted streaming to their viewers.

Roku Software Update Error

A reliable internet connection is absolutely essential to execute the complete software update and if user faces any unexpected network connectivity interruption or the network signal goes is weak then there are possibilities that the streaming devices may not have completed its lasts update successfully. Meanwhile the user needs to create and activate Roku account using roku com link to stream their preferred contents. In that case the device would prompt a message on the TV screen stating ‘Unable to update software’. This message would allow the user get to know that the Roku device software update is incomplete. And they device will also allow the user to try updating the software again by clicking the ‘Try updating again’ button.  This needs to be done manually by the user by clicking the ‘Try updating again’ button. The error codes displayed during the software update are mostly 005, 001, 002 or 003. For more info on these error messages the user can visit the Roku’s technical support site roku com link.

If the user try attempting software update several time and still the user keep getting any of these error messages then it surely means that the software update is a mere failure and the it may be due to poor or unreliable network  connectivity.

Roku devices mostly are equipped with the inbuilt wireless features and some streaming players have ability to get connected to a network connection using an Ethernet cable. Always the users are recommended to utilise the Ethernet cables for procuring a directly network connection for fast and effective execution of the Roku device. if still the user faces any difficulties in resolving the 003 network error in Roku device during its software update and on any issues while utilising roku com link the user’s can call our technical team members through the toll free number at +1-844-965-4357 or can visit our site at

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